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Wish I wasn’t a disgusting blob of gross blob.

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Is it too early to roll a blunt?
It’s not, right?
Ok you convinced me.

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Good god you're beautiful! Sorry that other anon was being an ass!

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Going to start a soap opera called “Conflicting Anons”…


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Nobody ships Tillow harder than Dawn

Dawn is me.

Dawn is everyone.

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Stop posting pics of yourself you cunt

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whoa, step back, this is really gonna piss you off if you feel that strongly

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other-worlds replied to your post “Stop posting wedding shit LoL. No one is ever going to marry your ugly ass XD”

you’re actually really. uhm. i don’t want to use my choice words bc idk how you would feel about them but, your lovey boo is really REALLY lucky and i hope he knows it :3

totally use whatever choice words you want :3

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